Reading Rob Wunderlich’s Blog about Expanding the Qlik Sense Editor pane, I got a solution for an annoying problem, when working with Qlik Sense.

For me as a Qlik Sense consultant and Qlik Sense developer it happens very often, that I have to jump back and forth between the Qlik Sense QMC and the Qlik Sense Hub. But there is no direct link and so you have to do the following every time:

Click into the url bar, copy the url, open a new tab, insert the link, delete everything up to hostname and add “/hub” or “/qmc” and press “return”.

That’s really annoying.

Now you could set bookmarks for the HUB or the QMC, but working with and for different customers with multiple Qlik Sense server instances leads to hundreds bookmarks… and quickly finding the right bookmarks…
Nobody wants that. So what is to be done?

You can create two bookmarks with

(for the QMC):'https://'+window.location.hostname + '/qmc/', '_blank')

(and for the HUB):'https://'+window.location.hostname + '/hub/', '_blank')

If you put these two bookmarks in the bookmark bar of your browser

and you are on a Qlik Sense Server, you can quickly jump between HUB and QMC with one click.

I installed the extension “Shortcuts”┬áin my chrome browser, which gives me the possibility to create my own shortcuts.

Now I can simply type “hub” and a new tab with the Qlik Sense Hub is opened or with “qmc” the QMC.

(Who also wants to do this: You have to write the name of the shortcut with spaces, e.g.: “q m c”in “Shortkeys”.)

The bookmarks should also work in Firefox or IE/Edge and I’m pretty sure, that an extension like “Shortkeys” is at least available for Firefox.

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